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Martin Institute Presents: The Pressured Child with Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

When: Tuesday, April 5 at 7:00pm Speaker: Michael Thompson, Ph.D. Where: Fellowship Hall at Second Presbyterian Church Cost: FREE -…
By: Feb 8th, 2016

Learning Seminar-Making Thinking Visible Through Design Thinking- Feb. 19

Duration 5 Hours Facilitators Alice Parker Register Now For more information Contact Laura Dearman, ldearman@martininstitute.org Friday, February 19, 2016 8:30–2:00…
By: Oct 25th, 2015

Learning Seminar: Math - The Slow Math Movement - Friday, Jan. 29

Duration 5 Hours Facilitator Jeff McCalla   Register Now For more information Contact Laura Dearman, ldearman@martininstitute.org Friday, January 29, 2016…
By: Sep 25th, 2015

Learning Seminar: Come on! Let's Write - Friday, Oct 23

Duration 5 Hours Facilitators Hannah Craft, Julia Foxworth, Jillian Hinesley, Kara Jones Register Now For more information Contact Laura Dearman,…
By: Sep 25th, 2015

Installing the Conference Web App

Make the #MICON15 schedule quick and easy to access from your mobile device!
By: Jun 8th, 2015

It’s Time to Create Your Custom Conference Schedule

For the 2015 Martin Institute Conference, all information on sessions, deep dives, and keynote speakers is online. Build out your…
By: Jun 4th, 2015

One Week Until MICON15! Info for Attendees

The 2015 Martin Institute Conference is one week away! Here are some of the details attendees need to know.
By: Jun 1st, 2015

March Happenings at the Martin Institute

March is a busy month at the Martin Institute.  Check out what's happening with us!
By: Mar 17th, 2015

February Happenings at the Martin Institute

Learning Seminar: Tuesday, March 31 Last Call for Fantastic Learning Seminar: Instructional Design with Data in Mind Led by Jeff…
By: Feb 10th, 2015

Martin Institute Conference 2015: Heart and Soul of Teaching

The Heart & Soul of Teaching: Martin Institute Conference 2015 MICON15 About Speakers Schedule Location & Travel Register App June…
By: Dec 16th, 2014

Learning Seminar: Instructional Design with Data in Mind - Tuesday, March 31

Register Now Tuesday, March 31, 2015 8:30–2:00 $50 How can we leverage technology to listen to the learners in your…
By: Nov 21st, 2014

The 2015 Martin Institute Conference: Call for Proposals!

"Heart and Soul of Teaching" June 9-10 Click here to submit a proposal! The theme of the 2015 Martin Institute…
By: Nov 11th, 2014

Learning Seminar: STEM Lessons that Engage and Excite - Register Now!

Register Now Friday, January 23, 2015 8:30–2:00 $50 Creating curriculum that meets standards while providing deep learning, engagement, and meaning…
By: Oct 27th, 2014

Film Series: Lessons from the Real World - Saturday, November 15

“Lessons from the Real World is an hour-long film your local board of education, PTA, and teachers should watch. It…
By: Oct 13th, 2014

Making Thinking Visible - A Martin Institute Learning Seminar - Oct 24

Sign up for "Making Thinking Visible" on October 24!   What does “making thinking visible” mean? How do you know…
By: Sep 6th, 2014

New Teacher Network Seminars for 2014-2015

Sign up now for our New Teacher Network seminars! The series will begin on September 30 at 4:00. Register The…
By: Aug 27th, 2014

Technology in YOUR School - September 26

Want to learn how to integrate technology into your classroom? Join us for "Technology in YOUR School" on September 26!…
By: Aug 27th, 2014

Save the Date for the 2015 Martin Institute Conference - June 9-10

2015 Conference June 9-10 Memphis, TN More information coming soon Sign-Up for our Newsletter to Be Notified When Registration is…
By: Aug 24th, 2014

2014 Martin Institute Conference: 755 Educators Take Learning Forward

Learning Forward, The 2014 Martin Institute Conference brought together over 755 educators from 17 states across the country for a…
By: Jun 26th, 2014

2014 Martin Institute Conference - June 10-11

On June 10 and 11, the Martin Institute 2014 Annual Conference will investigate the theme of Learning Forward.   Register…
By: Feb 13th, 2014

Harvard Research Group Brings Conference to PDS via the Martin Institute

On February 13–15 at Presbyterian Day School, educators from all over the world will engage in hundreds of conversations about…
By: Feb 12th, 2014

Now Accepting Teacher Residency Applicants for 2014-2015

Applications are currently being accepted for Martin Institute Residents for the 2014–2015 school year. The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence…
By: Jan 9th, 2014

New Event! Martin Institute Connects - EduCon

Not attending EduCon on Saturday, January 25 this year?  Well, don’t miss out completely!  Join EduCon sessions in your city…
By: Dec 13th, 2013

The Martin Institute Announces the Martin Fellows

The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence is proud to name seven outstanding educational thought leaders and K-12 learning practitioners as…
By: Oct 10th, 2013

Martin Institute Learning Seminar: Special Education: Understanding Needs and Resources

The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence is pleased to be collaborating with Dr. Samantha Alperin and Dr. Wendy Ashcroft of…
By: Oct 7th, 2013

Grant Lichtman: Hitting the Road to Learn about Education Innovation

Just after Labor Day, Grant Lichtman started a long drive across country visiting private, public, and charter schools to talk…
By: Sep 18th, 2013

World Peace Game Creator John Hunter Named Martin Institute Fellow

The Martin Institute is pleased to announce that teacher John Hunter, a 4th grade teacher with Albemarle County Schools in…
By: Jan 5th, 2012

Educating the Educators - A Recap of the 2011 Summer Conference

Martin Institute Conference, Featuring Governor Bill Haslam and Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Gives World-Class Training to Hundreds of Public…
By: Sep 27th, 2011