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John Hunter and the World Peace Game

On the evening of Thursday, August 14, the Martin Institute and Presbyterian Day School were lucky enough to host John Hunter for a reception honoring his work.

By: Aug 13th, 2014

Let the games begin!

This morning marked the beginning of the most exciting part of the Martin Resident experience — the students!  In our respective third-grade classrooms, Bailey and I finally got to meet the boys with whom we will be spending the next several weeks teaching and learning together.  After a week of inservice with the faculty of Presbyterian Day School, we were exhausted and the hope of ever working with students seemed to be just a cute little idea way off in the distance.

By: Aug 13th, 2014

Martin Institute Hosts Project Zero - February 12-15, 2014

This 800 person conference will feature some of the world’s leading researchers, writers, thinkers and leaders in the field of teaching and learning: Howard Gardner, David Perkins, Shari Tishman, Ron Ritchhart, Tina Blythe, Carrie James, Veronica Boix-Mansilla, Daniel Grey Wilson, and Steve Seidel.

By: Jan 16th, 2014

Teacher Residency: Building the Teachers of Tomorrow

The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence provides a yearlong residency program for pre-service teachers. Pre-service teachers are talented and highly motivated individuals who want to teach, have bachelor’s degrees (some in teaching and some in content areas like math or history), and have never been the teacher-of-record in a classroom.

By: Jan 16th, 2014

"New Teacher Network" Augments Teacher Training

As local education advocacy groups work to brand Memphis as “Teacher Town,” an exciting place for teachers to make a difference, the New Teacher Network plays an important role in providing continued learning and confidence building opportunities for teachers who are within the first three years of their teaching careers.

By: Jan 16th, 2014