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New Event! Martin Institute Connects - EduCon

Connects-Logo3Not attending EduCon on Saturday, January 25 this year?  Well, don’t miss out completely!  Join EduCon sessions in your city through Martin Institute Connects, a fully facilitated live stream broadcast of selected EduCon sessions.

When the attendees in Philadelphia are collaborating and generating ideas, your satellite team will as well. And there will be a virtual back-channel for you to share your questions and work product with the attendees in Philadelphia and the other partner/satellite locations.

Martin Institute Connects Locations and Info



Contact to Register


Dayton, OH: Miami Valley School

Noon- 4 PM

Bryan Lakatos


Dallas, TX: Parish Episcopal School

11 AM-3 PM

Jenny Lewis


Denver, CO: Colorado Academy

10 AM-2 PM

Bill Wolf-Tinsman


Los Altos, CA: Los Altos School District

9 AM-1 PM

Alyssa Gallagher


Carlsbad, CA: Pacific Ridge School

9 AM-1 PM

Jennifer Bjornstad


West Hartford, CT, Renbrook School

Noon-4 PM

Betsy Flynn


Potomac, MD, St. Andrews’ Episcopal School

Noon-4 PM

Glenn Whitman


About EduCon

EduCon is often described as both a conference and a conversation, as one of its main goals is to inspire productive conversations between educators who are shifting education. EduCon is held during the last weekend of January at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia, PA. SLA is an innovative charter school founded in 2006 and developed in partnership with The Franklin Institute and the School District of Philadelphia. The school provides a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship. Students at SLA learn in a project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in all classes.


Martin Institute Connects Featured Sessions

Session I: Leading Learners to Level Up #LL2LU


Jill Gough: Director of Teaching and Learning, Trinity School; national master teacher in math, student assessment, and creating student-led classrooms

Shelley Paul: Director of Learning Design, Woodward Academy; facilitator of design thinking programs for students and teachers

Do your assessments motivate and compel student questions, self-direction and calibration? Enable teacher-student partnership? Communicate “You can do this; I can help?”  This conversation is designed to help teachers design paths for formative assessment that lead learners to level up. At the end of this conversation, teacher-learners will be able to say:

  • I can articulate the essential learning for our student-learners in student friendly language.

  • I can describe and show what reaching the target for the essential learning looks like, calls for, and requires.

  • I can build a leveled assessment to provide a path for reaching the target level of the essential learning.  This leveled assessment will ask for and provide evidence of learning and opportunities for growth.

  • I can use the evidence collected from the leveled assessment to make course corrections for learners as needed to ensure that all learners become proficient.

We’ll share our learning in real time through a digital backchannel for crowd-sourced notes, questions and comments, inviting virtual participants to participate along with in-person participants. Learners will prototype a learning progression, participate in a gallery walk for a feedback loop, and iterate the progression based on feedback.  We will then work on developing an assessment for learners to provide evidence of learning.


Session II: Read This! Watch This! Do This!


Don Buckley: International leader in design thinking and innovation in K-12 education; founding principal of Tools At Schools; instructor at Teachers College Columbia

Karen Blumberg: Educational Technologist at The School at Columbia University; NAIS Teacher of the Future

Lucy Gray: Apple Distinguished Educator; Co-founder of the Global Education Conference

Online learning has been a fixture of K-12 education for more than a decade, but is now becoming available or accessible on a rapidly increasing scale.  For many schools and students it offers a new dimension to their curriculum.  It is increasingly important for teacher-leaders to be knowledgeable and comfortable with the strengths and weaknesses of online learning as it becomes embedded in the learning landscape. This session is a conversation about the landscape of online learning for students and faculty.  Questions that will frame our conversation:

·      Can online learning be a carbon copy of offline learning?  Should it be?

·      How can MOOC’s work in a K-12 environment? Or can they?

·      Does the online environment work for specific content types?

·      What is a good balance for asynchronous vs. synchronous learning in an online environment?

·      What are ways to be collaborative in an online environment?

·      How can you assess the online learning experiences?

·      What is the future of online education?

Participants will discuss and share responses to these framing questions in real time through a digital back channel.  Participants will leave with a wealth of shared ideas and resources they can take back to their respective schools to continue the discussion about how best to incorporate online learning in an evolving learning landscape.


About User
Winston Baccus

Winston Baccus serves as the Director of Communications of Presbyterian Day School (PDS), an independent school serving over 630 boys in grades PK-6 in Memphis.

Winston is a native of Sheffield, Alabama. He earned his undergraduate degree in Advertising from The University of Alabama in 1998.

Prior to joining the PDS Advancement department in 2003, he worked as an interactive art director for the Ramey Agency in Ridegland, MS, and as an art director for a non-profit agency in Jackson, MS.

He considers leading a yearly summer camp for high school youth in the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church the highlight of his year.

He enjoys keeping up with technology news, college football, and music.

Winston is married to Jamie, and they have a daughter, Anna.

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For more information, contact the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence:


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