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Laura Dearman
Posts By Laura Dearman

2014 Martin Institute Conference: 755 Educators Take Learning Forward

Learning Forward, The 2014 Martin Institute Conference brought together over 755 educators from 17 states across the country for a two-day outstanding professional development experience.

This year’s attendees included public and private school teachers representing over 160 schools from pre-kindergarten to college. The topics offered in this year’s workshops included leadership, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), literacy, assessments, tech integration, common core and more. View the offerings that were available on the conference website.

Technology in YOUR School - September 26

Want to learn how to integrate technology into your classroom? Join us for "Technology in YOUR School" on September 26!

How can you use technology to do real work for real audiences? How do you discover rather than deliver a curriculum with technology? How can you transfer the power to your students? How can you talk to strangers in a good way, and how can you and your students become master learners by using technology? Will Richardson discusses these issues in his book, Why School? How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere. This seminar will share examples of how technology can be used to answer these questions. Also, see a 3D printer in action and try on a pair of Google Glasses!

Making Thinking Visible - A Martin Institute Learning Seminar - Oct 24

Sign up for "Making Thinking Visible" on October 24!


What does “making thinking visible” mean? How do you know if students understand the material? What routines can you use in your classroom to show the thinking of students? Join us as we discuss how making thinking visible promotes thinking and student understanding, and how visible thinking helps the teacher assess understanding.